Online Roulette Strategies and Tips

Hop on our train and see all directions a ball can spin in with the most popular online roulette strategies. We are fully aware of the popularity of this game and we know that many users are in search of great roulette strategies.

If you also happen to be one of them, we’ve got you covered. Just scroll down and have a look at our comprehensive list of the most well-known online roulette tips and tricks, along with examples of how to use them.

Getting Started With Roulette Strategies

Playing the game of roulette can surely be an interesting experience. It features a wheel with numbers (0-36). Half of them are black and half of them are red, except for the zero number, which is green.

The game starts with a wheel spinning in one direction and the ball in the opposite direction. The ball eventually lands, and potential wins/losses are calculated. You can bet on different outcomes (odd/even, high/low, 1-12, 13-24, 25-36, red/black, etc.).

The existence of different betting strategies here is important because they may influence this game in many ways. From one online roulette betting strategy to another, you can learn how to play responsibly, keep track of your wins/losses, set limits, be sure not to overdo things, and spend time full of interesting moments.

Best Roulette Strategy

Types of Online Roulette Strategies

There’s a couple of main online roulette strategies divided into a few categories. The most important ones here involve progressive non-progressive and progressive roulette strategy types. The same goes for the bet placement and bet sizing strategies.

  1. Progressive Roulette Strategies

As the name implies, following progressive strategies means changing your bets depending on the outcome of the previous bet. One round after users set their bet, they may either raise or lower their bet but not keep it the same. One of the most popular strategies of this type is the Paroli roulette strategy.

  1. Non-progressive Roulette Strategies

Non-progressive strategies instruct you to keep your bets untouched. So, no matter what happens (win or loss), players’ bets will remain the same. The most widespread non-progressive roulette betting strategies are James Bond and All-in methods.

  1. Bet Placement Roulette Strategies

Bet placement strategies are pretty self-explanatory. We all know that they involve placing different types of bets. But it is the bet types that make the actual difference.

For example, you can place a Straight Up bet, which implies covering all the single numbers from 0 to 36. You can also go with a split bet that covers two consecutive numbers. These and many more methods belong to the bet placement roulette strategies.

  1. Bet Sizing Roulette Strategies

This strategy type is, once again, not a hard concept to grasp when it comes to its essentials. As the name suggests, you literally “size” your bet according to the type of strategy that you use.

For instance, some strategies lead you to size your bets 2%, 4%, or 8% of your initial bankroll. As mentioned, you should always keep in mind that sizing is different for different strategies.

Top Online Roulette Strategies

Now, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and see the trendiest online roulette strategies. In fact, there are so many different strategies to choose from. Let’s see what they are and how to make use of them.

Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Martingale Roulette strategy x1/x2 got its name because it can be used on bets with 1 to 2 chances. One aspect in the game of roulette features exactly this (black or red, high or low, and odd or even).

This is a progressive roulette strategy with a bet sizing approach, as bets are frequently changed. In other words, you should determine your stake amount. For every bet that you win, you will need to keep your next bet unchanged.

With the Martingale system in roulette, if you bet loses, you will have to double your next bet, and keep doubling, until you win. Once you win, you once again go back to your initial bet.

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

Yet another progressive strategy with bet sizing is the D’Alembert roulette strategy. It’s all about determining your initial bet according to your bankroll. Once you do this, you should place your first bet. If you win your first bet, you will need to have the same stake for your next bet.

If you lose, you will have to add another unit to your initial stake. For instance, your initial bet is £10. If you lose, your next bet will be £20. If that bet loses, you will need to add another £10-unit. In case you win your £30 bet, the next thing you want to do is subtract one unit (£10), and £20 for your next bet.

This method is different from the Martingale strategy in the sense that your stakes are not doubled. Also, if your bet loses, you don’t necessarily have to lower your bet to your initial bet but only subtract one unit.

Contra D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

The casino roulette strategy that is quite the opposite of the one we just discussed is the Contra D’Alembert roulette strategy. It’s also easy to follow as you need to decide upon your initial stake first.

Then, for every win, you add one unit (your initial stake) and place it as the following bet. For every loss, you should subtract one unit except when it is your very first bet.

In case you lose your first bet, you will have to place another bet with your initial stake. While this method is in contrast with the regular D’Alembert strategy, it’s still progressive and bet sizing in its nature.

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Anyone who is in for an advanced roulette strategy that is progressive and includes bet sizing can check out an interesting Fibonacci method. The way you place bets with this strategy is based on your last two bets. Let’s say that your last two bets are £2 and £3. The next bet will be the sum of the last two bets (£2 and £3, meaning your bet will be £5).

If it loses, you will need to once again make the sum of your two last bets (in this case, £3 and £5) and place a £8 bet. If you win, you go back to places. That place could either be your initial bet or some other bet if you progressed far. Let’s see an exemplified version of this.

Bet SequenceBet ValueResultBankroll Status

Paroli Roulette Strategy

The Paroli method is a somewhat simple roulette strategy. Just as was the case with some other methods, you need to determine your initial stake. Then, you should place a 1 to 2 bet (ex. black or red).

If your bet wins, you should double your next bet. If your second bet wins, you’ll need to, once more, double your following bet. After you hit the third win, it is recommended that you stop.

In the event that any bet loses, you will have to go back to square one and place an initial bet. Both this method and the Martingale strategy are progressive and imply bet sizing. The difference between them is that the Paroli strategy advises you to stop after a third consecutive win.

James Bond Roulette Strategy

James Bond is a very interesting non-progressive, bet placing roulette strategy. It is a more complex method that requires you to cover two-thirds of the wheel. To exemplify, you can take £100 and place a £70 bet (70%) on 19-36 numbers.

On 13-18 numbers, you should place a £25 bet (25%). Finally, the last thing you have to do is place a £5 on 0 (5%). The payout ratio for the first bet is 1:1. The second one has a ratio of 5:1, and the third one features a 35:1 ratio.

Let’s imagine that the ball lands on 15. You will get £125. In the next round, you may hit 29, which means that you win £70. In the third round, you bet £100 again, and the ball lands on 11, which means you lost. As a result, you are £95 ahead.

The Labouchere Roulette Strategy

The Labouchere roulette strategy makes you directly involved in its creation. This is of course very interesting as you get to pick your stake. Since your stake amount can change often, this is a progressive and bet sizing method.

What you need to do here is decide how much you wish to get as a payout. Then, you will need to divide that sum into smaller parts. For example, your aim is to get £15. You divide this number into 2,4,5,2,2.

After this, you have to take your first and last numbers from the sequence and add them together. This means that your stake amount should be £4. If you win, you take off the first and the last number and are now left with the 4,5,2 sequence.

You will need to repeat the second step for the next bet. On the occasion that you lose, you should add the £4 stake amount to the far right and then add it to the number on the far left, which is 2. Your stake amount should then be £6.

The Andrucci Roulette Strategy

This is a betting strategy that could be both progressive and non-progressive. It’s up to you to decide. Also, this is a bet staking strategy as it makes you place bets on exact numbers.

First of all, you should make around 30-37 random bets. Moreover, you will have to mark every number that the ball lands on during these rounds. Based on what you get, you will need to place new bets on the most common numbers that the ball landed on.

Double Street Quad

Not being an ordinary non-progressive bet staking strategy, Double Street Quad suggests placing two bets, one straight and one corner bet. This will allow you to cover 17 different numbers. Your potential payouts will depend on the number the ball lands on.

The Six Line Roulette Strategy

The name behind the six line method is pretty obvious. More precisely, this is a bet staking strategy that requires you to place a chip between two streets, thus covering the double three-line or six lines. The main difference between this and the Double Street Quad method is that you cover fewer numbers.

The Voisins du Zéro Strategy

When translated into English, the Neighbours of the Zero strategy makes you bet on a total of 17 numbers. The first number you will stake is zero. Then, you will need to bet on seven numbers to the right and nine numbers to the left. In this bet staking non-progressive strategy, you will need to place seven different bets in one round.

How to Select a Roulette Strategy

Looking back at the roulette strategy chart, we’ve come to a conclusion that some methods may be good for particular players, while others may work best for some other users. Therefore, if you are ready to stake higher sums, you may opt for online roulette strategies like James Bond.

If you are willing to spend some additional time at the roulette table, you can pick methods like the Martingale or Fibonacci. Any method could turn out to be the best roulette strategy for you as long as you are playing responsibly.

5 Tips for Betting on Online Roulette

As said, the major tips for roulette online gaming revolve around responsible gambling. While we know that each method is interesting in its own way, knowing your limits is the top priority. You can find 5 online roulette tips down below.

Study and Understand the Odds

Before all else, you should study the payout system of this game. Knowing the amount of numbers a ball can land on, as well as how many, what stakes, and what stake value your bets can have, is crucial.

Research Available Bonuses

Being ready to pick a legit casino operator with interesting bonuses can really bring your experience to a new level. Primarily, it’s the fairness that matters. Additionally, having interesting offers with lots of features at your fingertips leaves room for memorable moments.

Play Outside Bets

Some customers may limit their roulette game playing to only a few bets. But did you know that you can place bets outside of the table layout? Such bets can pave the way for more potential wins when compared to the inside of the table layout. It’s not really important whether your stakes are high. Statistically, there’s more chance on the outside than on the inside.

Accept Your Losses

Should it happen that you experience some losses, we advise you to never chase them. The key thing about responsible gambling is that you should have your deposit and stake limits. In case you spend all of your budget, you should stop right there.

Manage Your Bankroll

It is highly recommended that you calculate your budget in advance. Then, you may wish to make a decision as to how much you can spend on each roulette game (if you’re playing more than one game) or on a single roulette game.

Furthermore, you may want to consider baking your wins on time. Not going over your calculated limits here is mandatory.

Online Roulette Strategies

Online Roulette Strategies – Final Thoughts

Picking a good roulette strategy is now a lot easier than before. With so many systems and methods devised and checked, you can select the method that completely matches your playing style.

For instance, the Martingale roulette strategy is for somewhat patient customers who are willing to spend a bit more time playing. The James Bond strategy may be the right one for users who are ready to place a bit higher stakes.

We know one thing for sure, and it’s that regardless of which strategies you select, your roulette gaming activity should be permeated with safer practices and behaviour.

Online Roulette Strategies – FAQ

The end of the roulette strategies journey is right here, in the FAQ section.

What online roulette strategy is the most successful?

There isn’t really a single best strategy for roulette out there. Instead, you should look for a method where you can place smaller stakes and have a minimum risk of losing. While such strategies do exist, it’s important to know that no method guarantees you success.

Is there a way to always win while playing online roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance. So, you cannot expect to find a strategy that can help you always win.

What are the best casinos to play online roulette?

In search of reliable casinos, you can check our page which features some of the most popular platforms with the game of roulette. We’ve done a thorough research and come up with the list of roulette casino promo codes which you can use to join certain brands.

What is the 666 roulette strategy?

With this strategy, a player covers all the roulette numbers with different stakes. Although this means that one of the covered numbers will always hit, many experts have disapproved of this method, as the average payout is not statistically high.

How are the Martingale and Grand Martingale betting systems different?

The key difference between the Martingale strategy in roulette and the Grand Martingale concept is that you add more funds to your bet with the latter. You should only double your stake with the Martingale system after a loss. The Grand Martingale method requires you to double your bet after a loss, as well as to add an initial bet unit to your stake.

Should I avoid betting on red and black?

Betting on red and black has a 1:1 ratio. This further means that such bets have lower risks and that there’s no special reason to avoid them.

What should I look out for when playing online roulette?

Firstly, you should make sure that you pick a fitting online casino platform that is safe and secure. Also, you may look for some promotions on such operators’ sites. Besides, it is necessary to make sure that you follow all the rules for responsible gambling.

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