Safer Gambling

According to the statutory British gambling regulator, the Gambling Commission, “Safe and responsible gambling comes from an industry that takes care of its customers, customers who are empowered with the knowledge to manage their gambling and a regulator that ensures the consumer is at the heart of everything we do.” The information contained here is intended to address the first two of these criteria. As we promote the services of gambling providers on this site, we believe it is important that our customers are made aware of the risks that can be associated with gambling, as well as information about where they can find further advice and support should they require it.

At Better Collective, we prioritize the promotion of responsible gambling practices, ensuring that gambling remains an enjoyable form of entertainment. To assist you in understanding this concept, we have created an informative video that covers various important aspects, including:

  • Safer Gambling: What it entails and its significance.
  • Problem Gambling: An explanation of what it is and its implications.
  • Recognizing Problem Gambling in Others: Insights on identifying signs of problematic behavior in others.
  • Helpful Safer Gambling Tips: Suggestions to enhance your gambling experience in a responsible manner. Additionally, we strongly encourage you to seek support from helplines and other assistance resources, where trained professionals can provide guidance regarding your concerns and the appropriate approach to addressing the issue. In the video description, you will find a list of available support options tailored to your country of residence.
  • National Gambling Helpline: 0808 8020 133. This helpline provides free, confidential advice 24 hours a day for anyone affected by gambling problems.
  • GambleAware
  • GAMSTOP (the national online self-exclusion system)
  • Gambling Therapy. This service provides advice about problem gambling in multiple languages.
  • Read advice from the UK Gambling Commission to learn how to make sure you gamble safely with licensed businesses, as well as how to gamble responsibly by using tools to manage your activity.

Please note:

  • In the UK, gambling is prohibited for those under 18 years of age.
  • RAiG’s social responsibility audit can be found here.
  • For further information, please contact RAiG.

The essence of gambling is entertainment, but it’s crucial to keep it safe! Explore our Safer Gambling Code for more information.

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