Betting Systems to Try Out at Online Casinos

New and experienced players at online casinos can use different betting systems to their betting habits. Generally, bettors commit to systems to avoid making random decisions when they have thousands of betting selections available. Ultimately, players can make more informed and reasonable choices with a system in place. In this guide, you can find out more about some of the tried and tested systems for online casinos.

What Is a Betting System

A betting system is a set of rules or formulas that bettors follow when placing wagers at casinos. Ever since the invention of gambling, punters have used systems to try and improve their outcomes.

Currently, players have several systems available when wagering at online casinos and each one has its own rules. For instance, some systems focus on minimising risk, while others target betting frequency.

Moreover, bettors have the option of committing to a progressive betting system. Progressive betting is when players adjust their next wager accordingly based on the outcome of their previous bet. For instance, you would lower your stake after winning and increase your stake following a loss.

Usually, players like to put betting systems into practice because they are just theories until used in person. Presently, many betting sites have online casino promo codes, which bettors can use to unlock bonuses, free spins and more.

The Difference Between a Betting System and a Betting Strategy

Many online bettors will have likely heard the terms betting systems and betting strategy. However, these two terms are very different when it comes to online betting activities.

Firstly, betting strategies are a broader approach to gambling. Often, bettors will use a strategy like focusing on a particular market or studying form before making a bet. However, such approaches are open to many different outcomes, risk levels and fluctuations.

In comparison, a betting system is very specific and provides customers with rigid rules to follow. Such rules can be extremely focused, such as placing a particular amount if you lose a certain amount on your previous bet.

Generally, bettors stick to betting systems without moving from their approach, whereas strategies are more flexible. For gamblers interested in sports betting, check out this helpful guide and review on football betting strategies for advanced players. Additionally, we offer a manual that contains detailed sports betting strategies for beginners who want to learn the best approaches.

Betting Systems

The Martingale System

Firstly, the Martingale system is a negative progressive betting system where players increase their bet amount after each loss. In theory, bettors win a larger amount from their less frequent winning wager to counter the small losses from previous bets. Frequently, punters use this system on casino games where there is a half 50/50 chance of winning. For example, betting on red or black on a roulette reel.

The Martingale system was introduced in 18th century France and is one of the oldest betting systems. It is an easy concept to grasp as it simply involves doubling a wager amount for each bet. As a result, it is widely used by professional and beginner players in brick-and-mortar and online casinos.

While the Martingale system is easy to understand and implement, it has some cons. For instance, punters can essentially keep increasing their stake at the risk of losing each time until their bankroll runs out. Therefore, it is sometimes considered to be a loss-chasing system rather than a detailed formula.

The Reverse Martingale

A polar opposite betting system to try out at online casinos is the Reverse Martingale. Instead of increasing your stake after a loss, the Reverse Martingale requires players to double their bet amount following a win.

For example, bettors could start with £1 on roulette and win on red. Then, they would place £2, £4, etc. until a loss. When a losing bet occurs, players go back to their base wager amount.

The Reverse Martingale is a system that can potentially give profits on winning streaks. It is an easy concept to implement with a pre-determined bankroll on classic casino games, like roulette, blackjack, craps and sic-bo.

However, the downside of the Reverse Martingale is that punters can lose their winnings in a single bet. If players keep increasing their stakes, then the losses can be significant.

Setting a Win Goal

The setting a win goal system is when players have a target amount to reach. The amount can vary depending on a player’s budget and limit and the games played. For example, one punter might set a £10 win goal on a slot game. Yet a different customer could set a £50 win goal on poker.

Generally, this system is open for use in many betting markets, including casinos and sports. It is easy to understand and implement, as long as the bettors have a pre-determined goal and stick to it.

A positive to this approach is that the goal can be open-ended, such as, reaching the goal within a month, year, etc, with small bets. Or bettors can set a budget and try to achieve it in days or hours. However, setting a win goal system requires discipline to cash out or stop once the target is achieved.

Having a Loss Limit

A loss limit in online casino betting is when a customer calculates their net losses compared to stakes made. For example, a bettor might have staked £100 and won £105 over a month. In contrast, another player could have placed £100 in bets and lost £50 within a month.

Introducing a loss limit is a system where players stop wagering once they reach their pre-set losses over a certain period. Players use this system to help set a bankroll and stick to it. Often, it works well for casino games with quick play functions like slots, roulette and blackjack as bettors can review their net wins or losses quickly.

Many experienced punters will have a loss limit before they play online casino games and it is an easy system for new players to use too. Similarly to setting a winning goal, implementing a loss limit requires discipline. However, customers can use tools like deposit limits and automatic cash-outs to stick to loss limits effectively.

The Labouchere System

The Labouchere system is a mathematical approach to casino gambling that involves sequencing and adjustment. Players write down any sequence of numbers, like 1-2-3. Then every bet is the sum of the first and last numbers, 1+3 = £4. If the bet wins, players cross off the first and last numbers then wager the remaining number from the sequence, e.g. £2.

However, if the bet loses, players add a number to the end of the sequence, 1-2-3-4, and stake the new number by the first number, 1+4 = £5. The cycle continues until you run out of numbers in the sequence.

The Labouchere System works well for games of chance, such as blackjack, craps, baccarat and roulette. Yet it is considered one of the more complicated betting systems to use, especially for beginner players.

Despite its difficulty to use, the Labouchere System is flexible as bettors can adjust their sequences according to their bankroll. For instance, a punter with a higher bankroll can add more numbers to their sequence, thus increasing the initial stake.

One of the main negatives of this system though is its potential for a losing streak. If players keep adding to the sequence without winning, then losses can quickly add up.

The Reverse Labouchere

The Reverse Labouchere adds numbers to the sequence for a win and crosses off numbers for a loss. With the 1-2-3 example, players would stake in the same way by adding 1+3 for a £4 initial stake. Yet, for the Reverse Labouchere method, bettors would cross off 1 and 3 if the bet lost, or add 4 to the sequence if the bet wins.

Ultimately, the system has the same pros and cons as the Labouchere betting system. For instance, it is flexible, but can also lead to quick losing sequences. The Reverse Labouchere was introduced to counter the impacts of a losing streak, although the potential for large losses is decreased.

The Reverse Labouchere

The D’Alembert System

The D’Alembert system is a negative progression approach to casino games that leads to lots of small wins to offset losses. Players start by increasing their wager slightly after a loss. For example, a player could place a £1 bet on roulette, lose, and then up the stake to £2 for the next bet. But, after a win, bettors decrease their stake each time.

The overall outcome of the D’Alembert system is to protect the starting bankroll and gradually add to it with small stakes. It can be used in many online casino games like roulette, slots, blackjack and more. Ultimately, the element of risk is managed through this method, which can be a solid approach for those with a small betting budget.

In addition, beginner players might favour the D’Alembert due to its ease of use and rigid rules. In contrast, experienced players who wager more frequently might find it too restrictive.

The Reverse D’Alembert

The Reverse D’Alembert is when bettors increase their wager following a win and decrease after a loss. Therefore, it is a positive progression system for online casino betting. Players usually use this concept for the same online casino games as the D’Alembert, such as slots and roulette.

Bettors can use the reverse D’Alembert to try and build potential winning streaks. Yet, despite its positive progressive approach, the reverse D’Alembert is still a conservative system based on regular small bets, rather than lump sums. As a result, it might be a better option for more ambitious beginners, rather than professionals.

The 1-3-2-6 System

The 1-3-2-6 system is where players bet the number of units in this sequence on repeat. Each number in the sequence equates to the amount of units placed.

For example, a player may have 1 unit as £1 in their bankroll. To begin, they would place £1 on their preferred card or table game. Then, no matter if they win or lose, their next stake would be 3 units, or £3. The following bet would be £2 and the final one would be £6. A player continues this process until they wish to stop.

Overall, the 1-3-2-6 is an extremely structured system that takes a lot of decision-making out of online gambling. It’s decisive and can work well on games with even odds, like choosing red or black on roulette.

Although, the lack of flexibility may not appeal to some players, who wish to adjust their bankroll in real time. Moreover, losses can build quickly with the 1-3-2-6 system as there are no guarantees of the 3 or 6-unit bets winning.

Bluejay’s Halfies System

Michael Bluejay’s Halfies system is an all-or-nothing approach to casino gambling. Simply, players stake their entire bankroll on a single bet one hand or game. No matter if a bettor wins or loses the bet, they leave the table following just one hand.

Bluejay’s Halfies system is a theory that tries to eliminate long-term losses and the house rake in casino games. In summary, he argues that punters can lose either 1% in long-term losses to the house, or gain 100% winnings from one hand.

However, Bluejay has variations, such as halving a bankroll and placing two big bets on two hands. His alterations suggest either leaving after one win to break even or trying to double the entire bankroll with both wagers.

In comparison to other systems, Bluejay’s Halfies system is one of the easiest to understand and can be applied to most casino games. Yet the glaring downside is that it is extremely risky. Ultimately, making one big wager on one bet is not a sustainable long-term system.

The Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci system is another sequence betting system based on positive progression. Bettors start with a pre-set bet amount, like £5, and gradually increase the stake for each losing wager. Each bet is increased by adding the sum of the two previous bet amounts together.

For example, if a punter bets £5 on blackjack and loses for their first bet, they add £5 and £0 for the following wager. If that loses, they add £5 and £5 to place a £10 wager. Then, if that loses too, it’s £5, add £10 to make a £15 bet, and so on.

Overall, the Fibonacci System is less taxing on a player’s bankroll due to the smaller bet amounts. Therefore, it can be an effective strategy for beginner players, who perhaps want to wager less on casino games. One of the cons is that players can go on runs of losing bets without winning. Due to this, effective bankroll management is important and setting a pre-betting budget is key.

Card Counting Systems

Card counting is a blackjack betting system where bettors try to determine the value of the dealer’s deck and adjust their bets accordingly. The aim of card counting is to calculate the ratio of low and high cards in the deck. A positive aspect of this method is eliminating the element of chances with maths and ratio. This can, therefore, give players an edge over the house.

However, players can only use card counting in real casinos as the dealers use physical decks of cards. At online casinos, the decks are determined randomly by algorithms, making it nearly impossible to keep track of patterns.

The process of counting cards is challenging and players must have a basic knowledge of blackjack and each card’s value. As a result, it may not be the right system for beginners to choose.

Dice Control Systems

Lastly, the dice control system is where players release dice in a certain way to reveal specific numbers. It is a system that can be used in any dice-throwing game, like craps, to increase the probability of the dice landing on a certain side.

Similarly to card counting, dice control can only be used in a brick-and-mortar casino that uses real dice. Also, players must know how to manipulate the dice to land in their favour.

While the dice control system has been around for decades, its validity has been scrutinised. Some argue it’s impossible to impact the flight of a dice to land on a certain side, while others believe a correct throwing technique can eliminate 20 of the 36 possible outcomes from rolling dice in craps.

Sports Betting Systems

Today, customers can use many of the betting systems on casinos and sports betting. For instance, setting a loss limit and having a winning goal is common for casino and sports punters. Generally, systems are used to enhance the chances of winning against pre-set odds, which are common in casino and sports bets.

Yet, some systems can only work for casino games. Dice control systems, for example, can only be implemented on games like craps and sic-bo. Similarly, card counting processes only apply to poker, blackjack and other casino card games.

It’s Always a Question of Luck

Ultimately, all betting comes with an element of luck and risk. Bettors are never guaranteed to win whether it’s wagering on sports or casino games. Wins and losses are a part of gambling.When utilising systems for online betting, be cautious of the Gambler’s Fallacy – believing something is more likely to happen based on previous betting outcomes.

Such an outlook tries to implement skill over chance, which is not always possible in betting. By using betting systems, players can make more informed decisions. Yet, it is important that you set a budget, practice safer gambling and bet within your means.

Betting Systems and Luck Factor

Safer Gambling Tools

Currently, online betting sites offer a range of safer gambling tools to support customers. Utilise services like deposit limits, timeouts and account suspensions if you start to bet beyond your bankroll.

In addition, most online casino operators have contact details for betting support charities. Head your preferred bookies’ safer gambling page for more information on how to practice safer gambling.


In conclusion, modern online casino players have plenty of betting systems to use. Most approaches are available for nearly every casino game, including slots, roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat.

However, the systems outlined in this guide all have pros and cons. In addition, some concepts are limited to particular games, like poker, roulette or dice games.

Ultimately, bettors can choose the betting system that suits their betting preferences at online casinos. Also, beginners might want to start with an easier system, like the Martingale or the D’Alembert. But seasoned punters could prefer card counting or The Labouchere System.

Ultimately, all customers can adjust their betting approach over time to suit their needs at online casino sites. One way to test whether a system is right is to try it at free-to-play online casino games.

Interested in finding more detailed info on betting systems and strategies? Read our article on Online Roulette Betting Strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lastly, you can find answers to bettors’ most common questions about betting systems to try at online casinos.

What is the best betting system?

There is no overall best betting system for online gambling. Ultimately, customers choose a system based on their own preferences, style and outcomes.

Do betting systems always work?

No, there is always an element of risk involved with a system. In online gambling, no system is guaranteed to produce winners.

Are there betting systems for football?

Players can apply some betting systems for football and other sports. However, there is more unpredictability in sports compared to casino games. As a result, betting strategies are generally more suitable for football betting.

Can you use more than one betting system?

Yes, there is no limit on how many systems a bettor can use. Be aware that some systems may oppose each other. For instance, one system may require large, infrequent bets, whereas another might use smaller, frequent betting patterns.

How do I start using a betting system?

After choosing your preferred system, head to an online casino site to start putting it into practice. Usually, practising on free-to-play demo games is a good first step so you can become familiar with a system and how to use it.

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