A Guide To Betting On The Grand National with William Hill

A Guide To Betting On The Grand National with William Hill
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As one of the biggest horse racing events in the entire world, the Grand National draws plenty of attention. In addition to the big crowds the event draws, it also draws attention at the betting window. With bettors lining up to make their Grand National selections, this guide to betting on the Grand National with William Hill will go over the history of the event along with how to wager on it.


Grand National History

The history of the Grand National is one dating back over a century, with much of the prestige of this race stemming from its extensive history. The edition of the race at Aintree was first run in 1839. However, previous versions of the race run elsewhere date back to as early as 1836.

As far as the course the the Grand National was concerned, it was originally used as a cross-country steeplechase. Since then, it has been modified to a more traditional steeplechase format. There are now 16 jumps scattered throughout the Grand National course, with 14 of those jumps being jumped over twice by competitors. Those competing in the Grand National take about two full laps around the course to determine a winner.

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Throughout the history of the Grand National, there have been no shortage of memorable moments. Perhaps the most memorable came in 1993 when the race never officially happened at all. Due to some issues at the starting gate, a false start occurred. The problem was that the majority of horses had no idea and started running the Grand National as normal. Seven horses ran the race in its entirety, with one running the course in the second fastest time ever. The problem was that the race was declared void due to the miscommunication, in a truly memorable disaster.

In more normal versions of the Grand National, the 2009 running of the race saw a memorable longshot winner. Mon Mome was the winner of that race, with odds of 100/1. The race brought about memories of Tipperary Tim in 1928, who also won at 100/1 odds. And while not every horse fell in Mon Mome’s race as was the case in Tipperary Tim’s win, this was still one for the ages.

During the long history of the Grand National, there have actually been five winners at 100/1 odds. Mon Mome was the first one since the 1960s, but there has been a history of longshot winners. The nature of the race itself makes it susceptible to underdog winners. With so many jumps and so many horses in the race, it is often likely that there will be falls. Those falls reduce the number of horses that can finish the race. The smaller finishing field can then open the door to those wild finishes.

As far as jockeys are concerned, there has actually been a good bit of parity throughout the history of the Grand National. No jockey has won the race more than five times in their career, with five being the top mark. That mark was set by George Stevens, who did his winning throughout the 1800s. Since then, in the century plus to follow, jockeys have had trouble owning the race.

What Other Races Take Place At Aintree?

The Grand National meet at Aintree is known for the Grand National race, of course. But there are so many other important races that take place during the meet that are worth paying attention to. These races lack the name recognition that comes with an event like the race that the meet is named for. However, these races offer plenty of exciting action as well that makes Aintree a real horse racing destination.

There are three other Grade 3 races that take place during the Grand National meet. Those races are the Injured Jockeys Fund Handicap Hurdle, the Topham Chase, and the Red Rum Handicap Chase. All three of these races are for horses of at least four years of age. And given their status as Grade 3 races, all three of them come with plentiful financial incentives to the winners.

What Makes The Grand National So Special?

The tradition of the Grand National is a huge part of what makes it as special as it is. The fact that the race has been around for well over 100 years makes it one of the oldest still going on today. More importantly than its age, though, is the fact that all of the memorable moments mentioned above have helped form an unrivaled tradition. You just know when you get set to watch the Grand National that you are about to see something special, as the Cheltenham Festival.

Beyond the tradition, though, is the financial incentive that makes the Grand National great. With all of the money on the line in the most high-profile races, some of the biggest names in the horse racing world are sure to participate. When you have all of those big names in one place, you are sure to have a fun event to watch.

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William Hill Grand National Betting

William Hill has tons of Grand National betting markets to choose from. This keeps the race interesting no matter what angle you want to approach it from. While you can make basic win, place, or show bets, William Hill has plenty of exotics for those who want to expand their horizons as well. Players who want to wager on the entire Grand National meet can place multi bets that have the potential to produce large profits. Generally speaking, there is something for just about everyone when it comes to William Hill Grand National betting. And with a William Hill promo code, a player can increase the amount in their account before the first race even starts.

The Grand National meet at Aintree has it all, with tradition and big prizes on the line. For horse racing bettors, William Hill is a great destination to get in on the excitement. With enough betting markets to make avid horse players happy, the excitement doesn’t stop from the first race of the meet to the very last.

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