How to optimize your bets on soccer at William Hill?

How do you correctly predict the outcome of a soccer game on William Hill, with all the three outcomes possible to happen? Which tipsters should you believe? Are there some tricks and tips you can use to analyze your predictions that you can stake a safe bet? Most of the gamblers are fooled by highly risky predictions from their tipsters with a hope of making great profits and end up losing all their finances.


Odds in the given games are spread according to the strength of a team though minimal odds that show high chances of a win for a team do not guarantee its victory. Some of the probable outcomes of a predicted event include a win for either team or a draw. Before betting, bettors are advised to consider several factors that concern the quality of a team rather than just being strong, including their current form, the intensity of a team according to the starting group of players and cases of injuries, previous head-to-head statistics of both teams, and the type of competition. However successful some of the tips from predictors and William Hill might seem, it is advisable to avoid some soccer betting tips and tricks that might continue having you in the same losing streak.

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Placing all your eggs in the same basket

This means placing all your cash on one betting site or using all your money to stake a single bet. For a first bet with your William Hill promo code, it is fair, but this tip is not advisable in that different sports books contain different odds and predictions. It is always advisable that betters shop for the best odds and most promising odds so as to get the best returns. However, are there safe or assured bets? If odds in a certain site seem good, research for more sites that might offer better odds for maximum returns in case you win your bets.

This means that bettors should ensure that your funds are diversified. Treating betting as a hobby is more safe and better as you stake for fun and do not have to keep checking updates for the games you chose.

Also, betting for fun is way better in that you are not afraid to lose. Using betting on William Hill as a source of income is one of the highly risky ventures, as you are always afraid of losing your large stakes in events you cannot influence their outcome. Putting all your eggs in a single basket, though you could win, might cost your accounts a huge surprise. Always diversify your gambling. For instance, most people staked a lot of money on the PSG vs Lyon game as they believed PSG would not lose its long unbeaten run. However, a lot of bettors ended up suffering great losses as PSG ended losing the game to Lyon.

Sign up with William Hill promo code

Before you start placing your bet(s) you need to open an account. The registration procedure is not complicated at all. It requires a few simple steps. Once you get the William Hill promo code you may proceed with your registration. By simply following these instructions you can get a new account in no time:

  1. Go to the William Hill website.
  2. Click the sign-up button.
  3. Fill in the registration form that pops out in front of you once you click the sign-up button.
  4. Enter the William Hill Sport promo code if applicable.
  5. Submit your application.
  6. Start placing your bets.

Let’s see what is actually William Hill promo code and what it brings.

William Hill promo code – What it brings?

The promo code is a special kind of code created for one of the sign up offers. If it’s applicable, it’s the promo code that qualifies you for the bonus. However, you don’t have to enter it, but without it, you won’t be eligible to take part in the promotion.

Sometimes it’s possible that promo code isn’t required and in that case, you can get your bonus once you open your account. However, if a promo code is required, make sure to enter it correctly.

Betting with what you cannot afford

Currently, most people are venturing into betting as an investment rather than an activity of fun and pushing time. Most people perceive it as the easiest and most comfortable way to get something thanks to high odds on accas, a perception that leads them to total bankruptcy. Most betters depend on their friends, betting sites and other tipsters for odds, not remembering that such events have three possible outcomes, and each team craves for victory.

Also, some letters build much trust in some online betting tipsters from maybe a previous streak of wins, not bearing in mind that the same tipsters have lost before. This gives them the courage to stake large amounts of money in their bets, leading to large losses these individuals cannot stand to lose. Have you ever came across a tipster or William Hill with a hundred percent winning record? This warns you of the uncertainty of gambling and the necessity of staking small and affordable amounts of money that won’t cause you a heart attack after the events are over.

Emotional betting

Smart and successful gamblers do not associate their bets with their emotions and feelings. The teams playing do not matter. The most important thing while analyzing to stake is that you should look at the game clearly, spot clear edges that are most probable, and isolate that particular edge to earn you large profits. However, most bettors like some teams more than others, letting such feelings shade blind their opinions and betting decisions.

Although some of such bets could be paying, it is still very risky as you still stand great chances of losing your bets as your analysis does not consider even the most consistent outcome between the two, but rather on shady feelings and emotions. It is always advised to avoid betting on the teams you owe emotional investments in since this might lead to poor decisions that might lengthen your losing streak. Some bettors also place their stakes according to the advice of friends who could be having little knowledge of the concerned events. Betting to fit in a group of friends, or just because your friend has placed a similar bet shades your view and analysis of certain events, leading to influential gambling. Always bet while in your right mind.

For example, some individuals decided to back a win for a minor team as Aston Villa as it played against Chelsea just because they are great fans of a rival team such as Arsenal. Such bettors ended up losing their stakes as Aston Villa ended up being thrashed by Chelsea.

It’s always a good idea to go over your thought process and try to find vulnerabilities, reasons why you may be wrong if making that particular selection. By narrowing down the things that can represent a massive drawback, getting to you to lose money in the end, you actually save a lot. Plus, you slowly become an expert and learn how to shape your thinking to maximise your bet selection. That’s why, understanding how your mind works is essential to get rid of the clutter and idealistic thoughts that will only hold you back. Luck plays a big part in this whole betting experience, but not letting yourself a victim of a purely idealistic thinking is the path to gaining insight, experience and self-control.

Trusting guts and feelings

Smart gamblers makes soccer betting decisions based on certain consistent trends they spot in events according to previous statistics, a match-up they probably think could be favorable, injuries that are viewed incorrectly, current form of a team, an analysis of results of previous meetings, favorable line movements or solid and justifiable facts concerning the same event. Smart gamblers always back their bets with a combination of such reliable factors.

Although most other betters might involve themselves in a similar analysis, their final decisions are always bound to include a team just because they claim to have a feeling that the team is bound to win, or because they trust the opinion of their guts more. Unless your gut has earned you quite some good profits recently on William Hill, this is not the best approach for bettors interested in long term profits. Although your gut might be right at times, it will not come through for you on most occasions.

For example, an individual could choose to back a home win for Barcelona against Real Madrid just because they feel that Barcelona is bound to beat Real Madrid, although the statistics could be having it that Real Madrid have won more games, not faced with as much injuries as Barcelona, or they could be having a better current form than their opponents.

Betting on small odds

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to first understand the sport you bet on. It’s a crucial thing in understanding the different ways of managing your bankroll in a more effective way. Discipline and self-restraint are essential. Throughout your whole experience of betting on soccer with William Hill, you will have the opportunity to learn how to make good selections. But this can only be achieved by playing your cards right and learning from any past mistakes.

Betting on soccer teams with low odds requires risking large amounts of money so as to make decent profits. Most bettors, therefore, believe that teams with relatively small odds have high chances of winning than their opponents and end up staking large amounts of money for non-reasonable benefits. Backing the most favored team against some of the worst or out-of-form teams in a league competition does not guarantee you a quench for handsome returns.

For example, Arsenal played away with Watford and Arsenal odds were relatively very low as compared to those of Watford. However, Watford ended up winning the game with super big odds. Actually, you may end up losing your whole bankroll eventually. In such events, drawdown highly matters in that successive losses will lead to very high losses, prompting you to stake even more to chase your lost cash. It is, therefore, advisable to diversify your finances in such events, as even the most successful tipster maintains approximately 50-60% success rate as there is no certain thing in soccer. Small odds, therefore, remain an illusion in most cases.

So, do remember that even if your brain is trying to think intuitively and look at odds from a very ‘optimistic’ point of view, you have to take each bet seriously and analyze it from a rational perspective. You can, of course, rely on your intuition but soccer – and in general betting on all sports markets – be complemented by rational thinking. So-called ‘hunches’ may come in handy when you have reached an incredibly high level of betting expertise and you really grasp the team’s history and previous performances and weak points.

Updated on Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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