Responsible Gaming at William Hill: How Can I Control My Gambling?

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Gambling is fun, an adrenaline rush that is extremely difficult to replicate. However, for some, there are times when that fun stops and it is time to take a step back. In this guide to William Hill responsible gambling, you will learn how to control your gambling with William Hill. That way, you can make strides to guarantee that your fun time will remain fun no matter what.


Responsible Gambling Statistics

Problem gambling is something that is regularly studied in the UK and around the world. Getting a better understanding of it can help things like William Hill responsible gambling programs flourish. In this case, the UK’s gambling commission did a survey on gambling habits. In that survey, they asked questions such as how often players gambled and what kind of betting they did. The answers can provide insight into how people wager and if they are problem gambling.

The study found that nearly half of people asked had wagered within the last four weeks. Of those surveyed, nearly half of men said they had gambled over the last month, while just over 40% of women said the same. Among people surveyed, less than 20% said that they had gambled online over the previous four weeks. Of people age 16 and up in Great Britain, only 0.8% identified as problem gamblers.

This information tells us a lot about the gambling habits of people in the countries surveyed. It conveys the message that problem gambling is not common in Great Britain. However, it also shows that there is enough of it going on to warrant serious attention. Despite making up less than one percent of those surveyed, there are big details to keep in mind.

First, that 0.8% are the people who self-identified as problem gamblers. That does not mean that there aren’t more players who fall into that category. Second, even if the 0.8% number encapsulates all of the problem gamblers in Great Britain, that is still a high number. In terms of the number of people dealing with a gambling problem, that 0.8% would mean thousands of people. That is why initiatives like William Hill responsible gambling initiatives are so important.

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What Are William Hill Responsible Gambling Initiatives?

William Hill has vowed to abide by three principles when it comes to responsible gambling. They are to make sure that no gambling is being done in relation to any crime. Second is to make sure that all betting is being done fairly. Finally, their aim is to protect people from being exploited by gambling itself. That last point is the one we will focus on here, as William Hill aims to prevent problem gambling.

The William Hill responsible gambling initiatives come in a few different forms to help combat problem gambling. Combined, those efforts can do a lot to fight the scourge that is problem gambling. For a bookmaker to do this is great, as it shows social responsibility. Things like this are required of all bookmakers, but William Hill does a great job at it.

Among the main William Hill responsible gambling initiatives are resources to fight problem gambling. There are also the abilities to self exclude from William Hill shops. Finally, there is the ability to block yourself from different sections of William Hill’s website and to limit deposit amounts. In total, these methods combine to help prevent problem gamblers from betting at William Hill.

William Hill Responsible Gambling Resources

Online, William Hill provides everyone with links to several different problem gambling resource lines. These lines are perfect for people with gambling issues that want help preventing themselves from wagering. They can be accessed by either web or phone, and serve as a valuable resource. With these experienced sources of help, people with gambling problems can find the help they need from those qualified to provide it.

William Hill Shop Exclusion

If a player feels like their gambling habits need to be stopped, they have the ability to self exclude from William Hill shops. This is relatively easy to do, and can allow someone to cut themselves off from betting. This can be done in a couple of ways, which are meant to give people options based on their needs. One such option is the ability to go into a William Hill shop and fill out a self exclusion form. With this method, you are also required to provide a photo so you can be identified and properly excluded.

The other method to use this form of William Hill responsible gambling is by phone. For those who do not want to have to enter a William Hill shop, this is the option for them. This is probably the way to go for those having an issue with gambling. Rather than have to face the temptation of entering a betting shop, they can just make the phone call.


William Hill Responsible Gambling Online

For those who want to reign in their betting habits online, William Hill can help there as well. The two main William Hill responsible gambling initiatives online are account restrictions and deposit limits. Account restrictions allow those with William Hill accounts to ban themselves from using select sections of the site. For example, if you wanted to stop sports betting, you could restrict yourself from doing it at William Hill.

Deposit limits, meanwhile, let players enjoy all of the site. They can just enjoy it with a cap on what they are allowed to deposit. This cap can be set by a player, and is a great safety tool against spending too much. Of course, if you are still having problems, it is recommended that you self exclude instead of setting a deposit limit.

Gambling can be extremely fun, but can also stop being fun if a gambling problem develops. Just know that there are William Hill responsible gambling initiatives out there to help. Whether you need to self exclude, or just want help managing your deposits, there is help available. After all, there is no reason to continue doing something that isn’t fun anymore.

Updated on Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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