New Slots Sites UK: Find the 2019 review here

Commercial content | New Customers Only | 18+

Commercial content | New Customers Only | 18+

New Slots Sites UK: Find the 2019 review here
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Some slots sites are already household names, while others are still looking to make a name for themselves. When it comes to new slots sites, these sites have to cut through the already crowded marketplace to earn your attention. In this guide to the best new UK slots sites, we break down the sites most likely to be on your list of favorites once you try them.

Some slots sites are already household names, while others are still looking to make a name for themselves. When it comes to new slots sites, these sites have to cut through the already crowded marketplace to earn your attention. In this guide to the best new UK slots sites, we break down the sites most likely to be on your list of favorites once you try them.


Here is our top three to start with:

Best new slots sites#1 Go Wild Casino
Go Wild logo
#2 Starspins
Starspins logo
#3 Virgin Games
Virgin Games logo
Sign-up bonus100% up to £333200% up to £200200% up to £200
Variety of games5/54/53/5
Mobile app4.5/54.5/54.5/5
Customer service4/54/54.5/5
Overall rating
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Followed by the next contenders in positions 4 and 5:

Slots siteSign-up offerOverall ratingSign up here
#4 Gala Casino
Gala Casino logo
100% up to £400
#5 PlayOjo
Playojo logo
Free spins and cashbackPlay now

You can read also the review of the following operators with a slot section : Gala Casino, Ladbrokes and Genting Bet.

How we select our best slots sites

Deciding which slots sites to pick is not always an easy task. Between welcome offers, mobile apps and the rest, it’s easy to get lost, especially for a newcomer. But fear not, we’re here to make the task easier!

We’ve made a subjective evaluation of the best slots sites at the moment, which you can see below. Be sure to consider different options from our partners, to make an educated decision. We hope you’ll find something suitable for you.

Best sign-up offer: Gala Casino

Gala Casino slots bonus

One of the hallmarks of one of the best new slots sites is their ability to offer a compelling sign-up bonus to make it worth your opening an account with them. In this group of the best new UK slots sites, there are plenty of worthwhile welcome bonuses to choose from, and we will break down which we like the best as well as why.

Of course, the first thing that should be said about the following welcome bonuses is that welcome bonuses in general tend to be the most subjective thing to grade in any new slots site. The reason for this is that welcome bonuses directly involve finances, which vary greatly from one player to the next. This means that what you may consider a great and convenient sign-up bonus might not at all be helpful to a different type of player. For this reason, it is recommended that you read our analysis of each bonus, but make sure to ask yourself if that analysis is what will work for you when opening an account at a new UK slots site.

With all of that said, Gala Casino has the best welcome bonus out of all of the new slots sites out there. There is plenty of tough competition from most of the other sites on this list to earn that honor, but Gala got the job done by simply offering the higher amount of bonus funds to their new players. Their sign-up bonus is good for up to £400 in bonus funds on a 100% bonus, with an amount of funds available that was unmatched among this group of new slots sites.

Again, this is where the subjectivity of welcome bonuses comes into play. For some players, the 200% sign-up bonuses offered at Virgin Games and Starspins could be more useful depending on the player’s budget and style of play. For example, someone who prefers to make smaller deposits may appreciate the fact that a 200% welcome bonus would stretch their funds further, whereas a player who may be willing to make a larger initial deposit would enjoy the extra funds from the higher max bonus at Gala.

Also worth mentioning in this space is Go Wild Casino, which also has a strong sign-up offer for its new players of 100%, good for up to £333. Of course, you would prefer for Go Wild to simply offer a higher welcome bonus amount rather than going for the cute slot machine-like effect of having three of the same number in their bonus (this would have worked much better with a £777 bonus, no?), but that decision ended up costing them this round of our new UK slots site debate.

Best Variety Of Games: Go Wild Casino

Go Wild Slots

Where Go Wild Casino made a mistake in not offering a higher amount for their sign-up bonus, they make up for it with a massive selection of casino games to choose from. The site offers slots from several titans of the online slots industry, such as Microgaming and Betsoft to name just a couple. The list of providers that Go Wild features games from is impressive, which shows in their selection of games themselves, which are plentiful.

Needless to say, Go Wild features slots of all kinds of different varieties, including your old-school 3 reel slots games, as well as 5 reel games and games with progressive jackpots as well. While those different game types are nothing new to the online slots industry, it is the number of games that the site has in each of those categories that makes Go Wild Casino a must-play, as they ensure that playing slots can never be boring.

In addition to slots, Go Wild Casino also has a great selection of table games to choose from, as well as live dealer action to be had, making the site more than just one of the best new UK slots sites. Players can play tons of variations of standard table games, such as Spanish 21 in lieu of the traditional blackjack that the site also carries. The live dealer section of the site offers even more fun to be had, with several tables of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and casino hold ’em available to choose from.

Elsewhere, Starspins has a great roster of slots to choose from, which is to be expected from a site that only carries slots. While that does not impact the site’s ability to be considered one of the best new slots sites, the site is hurt a bit by not carrying table games and everything else that you would want to play if you went to a real casino. A nice variety of slots is great, but combining slots with table games and live dealer action would provide a better experience from the new UK slots site.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment when it comes to the variety of games among new slots sites was Virgin Games. With Virgin being such a big brand in just about every industry at this point, one would expect them to be on the cutting edge of the casino industry as well. And while the site does offer a nice array of table and live casino games, their slots selection is simply lacking. A click on the slots section of their site reveals a small number of games to choose from, which does not bode particularly well for a site looking to top the list of the best new UK slots sites.

To its credit PlayOjo has a very good roster of games to choose from as well, with a nice selection of slots to choose from, in addition to card games, table games, and live casino games. They also have a very nice feature available, where players can search for the game that they want to play, or view a list of every single game that they have to offer, so players can scroll through and try something new, or search for an old favorite with no hassle.

Best Mobile App: Gala Casino

Gala Casino apps

Gala Casino takes home the honor of having the best mobile app of the best new slots sites, as they won the majority of this battle by virtue of simply having a mobile app in the first place. Starspins, Virgin Games, and Go Wild Casino do not have dedicated mobile apps of their own, which left this contest a battle between Gala and Playojo from the beginning.

When it comes down to it, Gala had a little more to like with regards to their mobile app, as the look and feel of it were cleaner than Playojo, without sacrificing in the number of available games or any other facet of the app. Both Gala and Playojo offer a number of different game types within their mobile apps, including a nice variety of slots, in addition to table games and live casino content.

Gala’s casino app was very easy to navigate, with the slots game selection screen featuring rows of two games to choose from. Conversely, the buttons for Playojo’s mobile app were smaller, with more games to choose from in each row, making it somewhat difficult to consistently pick the right game, due to the smaller button size. While this required less scrolling than Gala’s app did, it is better to scroll more and pick the right game consistently than it is to have trouble getting the game you want to play to come up every time.

While they lack actual mobile apps, the mobile sites at Go Wild, Virgin Games, and Starspins are all strong in their own rights. All three do offer play on mobile devices, with Starspins being the best of the three offerings thanks to their dedication from the very start to providing a strong experience within mobile browsers. Even on PCs, the header of the Starspins site looks like what you would find at the top of a mobile site, which indicates a truly responsive design that will work with any number of different devices. This is excellent in that you are not sacrificing quality or the number of games available in order to get to the site on mobile.

With that said, Virgin and Go WIld have excellent mobile offerings as well. It is interesting to see that all three sites that do not carry a full-on mobile app have a very good mobile site to fall back on, without one separating too far from the pack in that aspect.

Best Customer Service: Virgin Games

Virgin Games welcome offer

When it comes to customer service, all of these new slots sites are surprisingly evenly matched given just how many sites are on this list. You would think that one would falter in some spectacular fashion just given the probability of it all, but all five possess some strong customer service characteristics that make them worth your time. Here, Virgin Games gets the nod by virtue of some convenient features, as well as the fact that they are a very reputable brand in the industry.

What is convenient about Virgin Games above all else is the fact that they can be reached 24 hours a day via several different contact methods. Players are able to access their live chat function around the clock, as well as their telephone line. What is nice about this is that every different type of player can have their inquiries straightened out at any time of the day or night. If you are someone who prefers to type out your questions, you can do that no matter what time of day it is via live chat. If you like to talk through your inquiries, you can do that around the clock as well. You can also email customer service at Virgin Games as well, for an added layer of convenience.

To their credit, Playojo, Go Wild Casino, and Gala Casino also have live chat and phone services available around the clock, which is ideal for players who have their free time during unconventional hours or simply prefer to play their online casino games during off-hours. While this may not seem like much, if you are someone who normally has to wait until the next day to access customer service due to the hours you keep, this could be a great reason to sign up for either Virgin Games, Go Wild Casino, Gala Casino, or Playojo.

Elsewhere, Starspins has the capability for players to reach out to the site via email or live chat, but they do not have the ability for players to reach them over the phone. Generally speaking, this is fine, in that live chat is usually the fastest way for a player to get an answer for whatever inquiry they have, but it is still unfortunate for players who wish to conduct their business over the phone, as they are left completely out in the cold by Starspins.

Furthermore, the live chat function at Starspins is not a true 24 hour per day system, throwing another small wrench into the plans of customers who want answers to their questions right away. Starspins live chat is available 24 hours per day on every day but Thursday, where they take a small one hour break in the morning before being active for the rest of the day. While this is a miniscule amount of time to be inactive, that tiny bit of inactivity stands out in the worst possible way against other new slots sites that seem to go so far out of their way to be convenient for players who want their customer service issues taken care of right away, no matter what time or day it is.

Best Overall New Slots Site: Go Wild Casino

Go Wild Casino UK

In this breakdown of new UK slots sites, consistency turned out to be the key. All five sites have something positive to bring to players, making them each worth your time for a variety of reasons. However, Go Wild Casino found a way to do everything well, even if it isn’t necessarily the best at everything. Go Wild offers players a strong welcome bonus, with a higher amount of bonus funds to be had than nearly every one of its competitors, while boasting a great variety of games, in addition to a site that is well optimized for mobile devices.

While Go Wild Casino found itself at the top of this list, remember that your mileage may vary when it comes to finding the best new slots site for you. Be sure to dig further into the details on each of these sites before creating an account, to make sure that whichever one you choose is a perfect fit for your specific interests and needs. Just like you would not buy a pair of shoes without making sure they fit, you have to make sure your online casino fits your needs as well.

New Slots Sites FAQs

What are the most common types of slot games?

Slot machines at Bellagio

The most common types of slot games are 3-reel and 5-reel slots. In 3-reel slot games, players wager on whether or not three spinning reels will yield a result that ends in a payout, according to the payout chart of that game. Traditionally, the pay lines on a 3-reel slot game are horizontal, with there being far fewer ways to win than you would see on any 5-reel game as a result of there simply being fewer combinations at the end of each spin. These games tend to feature lower stakes, with lower jackpots that have a slightly higher probability of being hit than 5-reel games.

In the case of 5-reel slots games, five vertically spinning reels reveal combinations of symbols similar to those in a 3-reel game, only with a more complex payout system to accommodate the larger number of possible outcomes. With 5-reel slots games, players are able to choose the number of pay lines that they wish to use before they place a wager on a spin, which raises or lowers the stake on each spin depending on the options they choose.

Progressive jackpot games are also common, in which players place wagers that are contributed into a potentially massive jackpot that is shared by everyone who has played that game or a specified group of games. One player is able to win the progressive jackpot, earning funds generated from tons of players in the process, at which point the jackpot is emptied for players to begin contributing to it again from zero.

How Do I Play Online Slots Games?

Online slots games are very easy to play, especially at the new slots sites listed above. To do so, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps. First, a player has to create an account at the desired slots site of their choice. If you haven’t already, be sure to scroll up to see our guide to the best new UK slots sites, to find out which site will work best for you.

After creating an account, you will make your first deposit. At this stage, you should receive a welcome bonus of some kind as a part of the enrollment and initial deposit process. Before making your first deposit, be sure to read the terms and conditions of the sign-up bonus that you want, to make sure that you are complying with the required steps. This will make sure that you will receive the funds that you are hoping to receive, without running the risk of making a deposit without getting the bonus that you deserve for doing so.

Once your first deposit has been made, it is time to play some online slots games! To do this, simply go to the slots section of the new slots site of your choice, and choose a game or several games that look like they appeal to you. Once you have selected a game to play, you will choose your wager amount from spin to spin, along with the number of pay lines that you wish to employ if you are playing a game that allows you to change that number. From there, simply adjust your wagers to match whatever strategy you are employing, and enjoy playing your favorite online slots games.

Can I Play Online Slots On My Mobile?

Rainbow Riches slots game

The answer to the question of whether or not you can play online slots on your mobile device depends entirely on what new slots site you are using. While most online slots sites offer a mobile app or a website that is optimized for use on mobile devices, there is no guarantee that the slots site that you wish to play on will carry the ability to play on your mobile devices. This is another example of the importance of researching online slots sites before you make a decision, as players who want to play slots on the go will be frustrated if the site they want to use does not offer mobile play.

In addition to whether or not a site simply offers the ability to play slots on mobile devices, it is important to research the quality of experience that a player will have when playing slots on mobile. For example, does your site of choice use a dedicated mobile app, or are players relegated to using a browser-based mobile experience? If the answer to that question is the latter, then is that mobile browser experience optimized properly?

There is also the question as to the variety of games that players have to choose from when they play slots on mobile devices. While some sites offer a very polished version of a new slots site on mobile devices, there is the possibility that they do not have enough games to keep you satisfied, which would lead to a disappointing experience overall. These are crucial details that cannot be overlooked when choosing which new UK slots sites you want to commit to.

Apart from sign up bonuses, what other kinds of promotions are available?

Gala Casino VIP

There are plenty of promotions available to players at new slots sites outside of what you would see in  a welcome bonus. Included in those different types of promotions are things like additional deposit bonuses, free games, free spins, cash back offers on wagers placed within certain sites, and loyalty programs that reward players who regularly make deposits and play games within each new UK slots site.

Starspins carries a free game bonus, with a different free slots game daily, that offers players the chance to win up to £750 or 50 free spins every day. This is a great, risk-free way to reward frequent players. Playojo offers its players cash back on bets placed within the site, with each game yielding a unique percentage back on bets placed. This is especially useful for higher volume players, who may risk more than the average.

Elsewhere, loyalty programs are a common way to make sure that your most dedicated players are rewarded for their loyalty. In these programs, players move from level to level within the loyalty structure depending on how much they are depositing and playing during their time with the site. Moving up from level to level guarantees them better deposit bonuses, cash back offers, more free spins, and other perks that vary based on what site you are using. If you are someone who enjoys playing a ton of slots, be sure to look into which loyalty program is most beneficial to you before making a deposit at a new slots site.

As is the case with any facet of a new UK slots site, be sure that the promotions available throughout a site you are interested in will enhance your experience with that site. Remember that you do not have to conform to what a site needs, but rather the site you end up choosing has to fit what you are looking for exactly. This applies to both the welcome bonus as well as any promotions that take place after your first deposit.

How Do I Sign Up To An Online Casino

Signing up to use an online casino is easy, and requires very little labor, so you can spend less time setting up your account and more time enjoying the slots action that you wanted to sign up for in the first place. Below are some simple steps that will give you a general idea of how to sign up for a new online slots site, or any other online casino.

  • Click the Join or Sign Up button on the home page of the online casino that you wish to create an account with.
  • Fill out the sign up pages as prompted by your desired online casino site. These pages will generally ask for some personal information and location info to make sure that you are eligible to play at their site legally.
  • Make your first deposit. Once you have created an account, you will be prompted to choose a banking method and to make your first deposit, so you will have funds to play with once you are ready to start wagering.

This is a great time to mention that any online casino site that you use should have a funding method and withdrawal method that works for your specific needs. Before creating an account, be sure to look into what banking options are available at the sites you are interested in using, as well as what the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal are, as well as what the site’s track record is with payouts. Doing a bit of research on this front before creating an account can be a great way to save yourself a headache down the road.

Is It Safe To Make Deposits And Withdrawals At Online Casinos?

online payments

Fortunately, online wagering is legal in the UK, which means that there is some legitimacy required of online gambling operators in the country. What this means is that there are standards in place to ensure that doing things like depositing and withdrawing funds can be done safely at online casinos and new UK slots sites. With a gaming commission that requires licensing from sites that are operating in the UK, sites are subject to strict financial and other regulation.

What is great about this is that players can deposit and withdraw funds with confidence that they won’t just disappear. In countries where online wagering is illegal, such as the United States, there is no such gaming commission dedicated to online wagering, which means that sites can steal from players with little to no repercussion, as the players are taking part in an illegal activity and would have no legal recourse in that situation.

What does this all mean? It means that you should make sure that any online casino site that you use is licensed to operate in the UK, to ensure that they are being held accountable and to the series of regulations set up by the UK’s gaming commission. This will ensure the safety of your money, and bring peace of mind that will allow you to focus on having fun on the slots.

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