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Ladbrokes and William Hill occupy two of the top spots in the hierarchy of the top sportsbooks in the world. In this Ladbrokes vs William Hill showdown, it's time to determine which of these two sportsbooks is the best based on their odds, betting markets, live streaming capabilities, and much more.

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Ladbrokes scores first in this Ladbrokes vs William Hill debate, based on the strength of their welcome bonus, by the slightest of margins. To be honest, this section of the debate is probably the most debatable of them all, as it does depend more on a player's preference than the rest of the topics at hand.

As always, this guide should not overshadow your individual needs as a bettor, and this welcome bonus discussion is the best example of that.

Bettors at Ladbrokes can receive a 100% bonus in the form of a matched bet good for up to £50. This is a good value at 100% of a decent amount of money, but to take full advantage of it one would have to wager £50, which can be a bit steep depending on the type of player you are.

With that said, this is a great way to earn an extra £50 for your bankroll right away with Ladbrokes, and is the stronger of the two offers in terms of earning potential.

welcome bonus Ladbrokes

On the flip side, William Hill offers a higher percentage return in their welcome bonus, offering players £30 in free bets after an initial deposit and wager of £10. That 300% bonus off of a player's first action on the site is nice, but it also does not offer as much in the way of actual money.

The biggest positive for the William Hill bonus comes in the form of its low initial risk, but that's not enough to overshadow Ladbrokes here.

Betting Markets: William Hill

Ladbrokes does separate itself in a discussion of Ladbrokes vs William Hill by virtue of the site having some more out there betting options. Bettors can wager on things like television programming, such as the winner of reality TV competitions, in addition to a nice menu of sporting events to choose from.

The problem with that thinking is that, while fun, these are sportsbooks, and having the superior sports betting options really is the name of the game.

To that end, William Hill has a superior array of sports betting options, with a larger number of sports to choose from by a slight margin. William Hill also offers a nice number of specials when it comes time for big sporting events like the World Cup to go along with a more consistently robust group of sports to choose from, so they get the nod here.

Odds: William Hill

It is legitimately difficult to separate the two sides in this section of our Ladbrokes vs William Hill showdown, as both sportsbooks carry fairly average odds across the board. Both are a little harsher on those who back favorites than other big sportsbook names in the industry, with neither really blowing the competition away on underdogs either.

odds William Hill

Although William Hill is slightly better in this regard, they aren't anything that blows you away, so a draw in this category feels about right, until you factor in William Hill's guarantee to have the best odds in UK and Irish horse racing, which pushes them over the top.

Again, this is another area in which it is so important for bettors to check into the odds of the sports they care about the most before choosing one of these sites over the other. Be sure to compare the exact same matches on both Ladbrokes or William Hill, to see which site has better odds tailored to you.

Mobile App: William Hill

William Hill will win a mobile app competition against just about any sportsbook, and Ladbrokes vs William Hill is again a no contest in that regard. William Hill's mobile app is easy to use, and visually appealing, while it brings something unique to the table in terms of its coverage of horse racing.

Bettors are able to select from a visually appealing lineup of options for each race, rather than just a boring series of checkboxes like you would see at most sportsbooks. While Ladbrokes has a strong app of their own, William Hill trying something different with one of its biggest sports is a big plus.

mobile app William Hill

Live Betting and Streaming: William Hill

Both Ladbrokes and William Hill have phenomenal live streaming capabilities at their disposal, with both entities offering high profile leagues across several sports to their players to watch.

William Hill's strengths in this area outweigh those of Ladbrokes, though, especially thanks to a streaming service that goes well beyond the field of play, with that being the live radio stations that William Hill puts together, which offer insights and strategies for future wagers.

live betting William Hill

When it comes to live betting, William Hill boasts more live betting options than just about anyone, so they edge out Ladbrokes here as well.

The Verdict: William Hill

Despite Ladbrokes possessing a better welcome offer than William Hill, this battle of Ladbrokes vs William Hill was won in rather straightforward fashion by William Hill.

This isn't to say that Ladbrokes has any glaring deficiencies or problems, but is rather a testament to just how strong of a sportsbook William Hill really is.

William Hill is among the top sportsbooks worldwide in terms of its live streaming and live betting options, and has betting markets in more sports than Ladbrokes does, even if Ladbrokes does have some fun reality TV themed action for its players.

William Hill's mobile app is more visually appealing than that of Ladbrokes as well, giving William Hill the win in the battle of Ladbrokes vs William Hill.

Ladbrokes vs William Hill
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Updated on 4 November 2017

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