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Accumulator calculator
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Accumulators are popular bets because they have the potential for a big return from a relatively small stake. Odds are multiplied together and the accumulator calculator aids this process.

What is the accumulator calculator?

An accumulator calculator is a tool that can be used to work out the returns and profit from multiple bets in which the individual odds for each selection are accumulated. Many accumulator returns are easy to calculate if the odds and stake unit are conventional. However, the calculation becomes more complicated for each-way bets and other circumstances that can influence the odds. The accumulator calculator tool not only saves time but ensures accuracy as long as the bet details are entered correctly. The tool is still susceptible to error but the calculation will be correct based on the information that is entered.

What is an accumulator?

The most common type of bet on a horse in a horse race, football team and one option in any other sport is a single. Bets that include two selections are called doubles and any bets with three options are known as trebles. Any single line bet with four or more selections is called an accumulator. System bets include a number of permutations but an accumulator has just one combination. That means the acca calculator replicates a simple process but the value lies in more complex bet details.

Here is an example of an accumulator which illustrates the process that takes place with the use of an accumulator calculator:

  • Selection 1 @ 2/1 (3.0)
  • Selection 2 @ 3/1 (4.0)
  • Selection 3 @ Evens (2.0)
  • Selection 4 @ 5/1 (6.0)
  • Stake Unit = £10.00

Calculation: (3 x 4 x 2 x 6) -1 *£10.

  • Return = £1440.00
  • Profit = £1430.40

The accumulator calculator will return the correct profit based on the odds and stake entered. This example is basic because the odds are standard, it’s a win bet and the stake is an easy number to deal with in calculations.

The process that takes place with an acca calculator can be more complex when the bet involves the following details:

  • Selection 1 @ 6/4 (2.50)
  • Selection 2 @ 5/2 (3.5)
  • Selection 3 @ Evens (2.0)
  • Selection 4 @ 11/2 (6.5)
  • Stake Unit = £8.00

Calculation: (2.5 x 3.5 x 2 x 6.5) -1 *£8.

  • Return = £910.00
  • Profit = £900.00

It’s the same calculation but the bet details are less common and more complex. The calculation becomes more complex when the bet is an each-way accumulator. Certain events such as a Rule 4 and/or dead heat add to the complexity as described below.

How to use the acca calculator?

In order for the accumulator calculator to work out the return and profit from a bet the following fields must be populated accurately:

  • The number of selections and type of bet so, for example, a fourfold includes four selections.
  • The stake.
  • Win or each-way (See below).
  • Place terms (See below).
  • Rule 4 (See below).
  • Dead heat. (See below).
  • Click the CALCULATE button.

The accumulator calculator will accurately display the returns and profit. The acca calculator will go up to at least an eightfold and additional selections can be handled by manually adding rows. There is one row or line for each selection so for a fourfold there are four. The calculation becomes more complex as more selections are added and the accumulator calculator is of greater value.

Advanced accumulator calculator functions

There are two events that require advanced functionality:

Rule 4 Deductions

If a horse is withdrawn from a race after the odds have been set the returns are subject to a deduction. There is a sliding scale of deductions based on the odds for the horse at the time of withdrawal. The shorter the price the greater the percentage deduction from winning bets, both win and each way. The deduction is known as a Rule 4 and it applies when bookmakers do not have the time to produce a reformed market based on the absence of the horse that is not taking part.

Dead Heats

It is rare but not impossible for the judge not to be able to separate two or more horses at the finishing line in first place or for one of the places. In the event of a dead heat, stakes are split between the horses involved. A dead heat will reduce the profit from a winning calculator and accommodating this process is part of the accumulator calculator function. This is a more complex process and the acca calculator helps.

Other bets can be calculated using the acca calculator:

Calculate returns for system bets

A system bet includes more than the one combination associated with an accumulator. The bet includes a number of permutations based on the number of selections. It is not a single line bet and the total stake does not equal the stake unit. The most popular system bet is the Yankee which features four selections. The bet permutations are as follows:

  • 6 Doubles
  • 4 Trebles
  • 1 Accumulator

A win Yankee has 11 bets and an each-way Yankee has 22 bets. The more selections that are included in a system bet the greater the number of permutations. The accumulator calculator works out the return when the type of system bet is specified and the odds and the stake unit are entered. The degree of complexity increases as more selections are added. The bets are again subject to rules for Rule 4 Deductions and dead heats. The acca calculator will work out the correct return. A Lucky 15 is a Yankee with singles includes 15 win or 30 each way bets.

Choose between odds formats

Odds can be entered in fractional or decimal format but the calculation is the same. Fractional odds show the odds to one which is the stake while decimal odds include the stake. Here is an example:

  • Fractional odds: 2/1
  • Decimal odds 3.00

In both cases, a winning bet for £10 returns £30 and a profit of £10.

Enter each-way bets

An each-way accumulator is a two-line bet: the win element and place element. The total stake is two times the unit stake. If a selection wins there are two winning elements to the bet. Each way bets are settled based on place terms which are dependent on the number of runners in a race and the type of race. For example, the most common place terms are one fifth the odds for three places. So if the horse is 10/1 the place odds are 2/1. The acca calculator will work out the returns accordingly.

Why use the acca calculator?

The acca calculator is a time-saving tool that will calculate the returns and profit from a bet accurately based on the information that is entered.

Updated on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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